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What to Expect at Your Check-Up

Jul 8, 2013

Anxiety and dental care seem to go hand-in-hand, with many people experiencing an extreme aversion to dental treatment due to their anxiety about checkups and dental procedures. In reality though, your regular visits to the dentist are pretty harmless. If you’re not sure what to anticipate from an appointment with your dentist or are planning […]

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The Truth (and Fiction) About Wisdom Teeth

Jun 21, 2013

Myths about wisdom teeth have entered popular culture throughout the ages, and have left some misconceptions about both the teeth themselves and the procedure. Today we’ve dedicated our blog to separating the fact from the fiction. The Myths About Wisdom Teeth Having (or Not Having) Wisdom Teeth isn’t Normal — About 65% of humans are […]

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What Actually Causes Tooth Decay?

Jun 17, 2013

In a very abstract sense, we all know what causes tooth decay: plaque, sugary foods and not taking proper care of our teeth. These are all things we’ve been told over and over since childhood. However, to the layman, it’s sometimes unclear why these factors lead to the destruction of our teeth. Lucky for you, […]

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The Hidden Causes of Dental Erosion

Jun 10, 2013

Tooth erosion is an issue that doesn’t get talked about a lot in dental care, probably because it’s not incredibly common. Nevertheless, tooth erosion is an important issue when it comes to dental care. Tooth erosion refers to the occurrence of tooth decay for reasons not attributed to the typical tooth decay brought upon by […]

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The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

Jun 7, 2013

Thanks to the advent of modern dentistry, there have been many medical advancements in the realm of restorative treatment for teeth. One of the most multi-functional treatments that exists in the realm of restorative dentistry are dental crowns. Dental crowns work through the means of capping a portion of the tooth and thus becoming the […]

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The Truth About Root Canals

Jun 5, 2013

For most people, they might be the scariest two words in dentistry: root canal. Even if you don’t know what a root canal is, the name just seems to imply pain. Due to anesthesia, this is generally not true at all. This is just one of the many myths about the root canal procedure. So […]

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