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The Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

Jan 9, 2013

Periodontal disease, a severe form of gum disease, is a common inflammatory condition which affects the supporting and surrounding soft tissues of the tooth. It is often preceded by a common bacterial infection of the gum tissue called gingivitis. Aside from it being the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in the developed world, […]

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Dog Comforts Nervous Dental Patients

Dec 28, 2012

A dentist in Williamsville, New York, has come up with a creative way to ease the fears of his younger dental patients. Every Thursday, Dr. Paul Weiss brings his golden retriever “Brooke” into the office as a “therapy dog.” During checkups and other minor dental procedures, Brooke sits by the dental chair and allows patients […]

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Causes of Gum Disease

Dec 20, 2012

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems experienced by patients. Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding from the gums during brushing, tender gums, receding gums, persistent bad breath, and loose teeth. There are many factors that can contribute to the onset of gum disease. Below we’ve listed a few of the most […]

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