Cost Of Full Dentures With Extractions: How Much Can You Expect To Pay

Mar 30, 2024

They say the best things in life don’t cost anything, like smiles and laughter. But to feel confident doing either, you need to have good teeth. If that’s not possible anymore, you might need to get dentures. Traditional dentures can cost $900 per palate and $1800 for full.

The cost of full dentures with extractions varies for each person. That’s why the best way to determine the price is to schedule a consultation with your dentist. However, we can give you a general idea.

Considerations While Determining the Cost of Full Dentures

The cost of dentures depends on three main things: their material, type, and level of customization. Acrylic dentures are cheaper than porcelain ones, and full dentures cost more than partial ones.

Ready-made dentures are cheaper than custom-made ones that fit your mouth perfectly. Certain other aspects are:

  • The price of getting any teeth removed ($300 per tooth)
  • The cost of temporary dentures while you wait for your permanent ones
  • The cost of follow-up visits to adjust your dentures if needed

Also, because of inflation, dental costs have gone up, especially since the pandemic, because materials are more expensive. You might find that dental costs have tripled or quadrupled.

Other Associated Costs

It’s impossible that you just receive the dentures from the clinic and fit them inside your mouth. It requires some preparations, and those procedures can add up to your denture costs. Following is a breakdown:

  • Dental Checkups
    Before getting dentures, you will need a dental exam to ensure they are the right choice. This usually costs around $100.
  • X-rays
    Your dentist might take X-rays of your jaw to see how your teeth are positioned. In some places, these X-rays can cost about $130.
  • Tooth Removal
    If you need to remove your remaining teeth before getting dentures, it can cost around $300 per tooth.
  • Mold Making
    Your dentist will need to make a mold of your jaw to create well-fitting dentures. This mold usually costs around $35.
  • Denture Adjustments
    Over time, your dentures might need adjustments to fit better. Each adjustment can cost around $100.
  • Tissue Conditioning
    This process helps your mouth heal after tooth removal or if your dentures don’t fit well. It involves adding a soft lining to your dentures and costs about $190.
  • Denture Relining
    The base of your dentures might need to be adjusted to fit your gums better every year. This can cost around $400 at the dentist’s office or $500 in a lab.

Denture Prices Compared to Other Alternatives

The expenses can pile up and seem excessive, especially without insurance coverage. However, they provide many benefits for a good 5-7 years. While the other alternatives, such as dental implants and bridges, cost around $5000 and $2500, respectively. Therefore, in comparison, they are cheaper as a full-mouth restoration solution.

Key Notes

Numerous dental patients think they can’t afford dentures or dentures with extractions. But don’t let the cost of full dentures with extractions stop you from exploring your options. Visit Dr. Allen Jahangiri at Noble Smile Family Dentistry.

Our doctor of dental surgery offers various treatments, including cosmetics, general, implant, pediatrics, and oral surgery. Our facility accepts multiple insurance plans and payment options to keep it affordable. Dial (281) 394-2929 to book an appointment.

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