Dental Crowns in Katy, TX


Our experienced dentists offer restorative dental procedures such as crowns and bridges to restore both the function and aesthetics of your smile. The major goal is to provide long-lasting results using the highest quality materials and advanced techniques. A dental crown is a protective covering that is used to cap a cracked or damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth on top of a dental implant.

Noble Smile Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers porcelain dental crowns in Katy, TX, as a solution for various dental problems. Porcelain is a durable and safe material that can provide a natural appearance to your teeth. We customize each crown to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth. In cases where multiple teeth are missing, a tooth bridge may be suggested, which attaches to crowns placed on either side of the gap to support your prosthetic teeth.

If you’re curious about how dental crowns can improve your dental health, contact our dental office at 281-394-2929 to schedule an appointment with our dentist. Our team is always happy to help you achieve your dental goals.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Affordable dental crowns refer to a custom-made, tooth-shaped prosthetic cap usually crafted from porcelain, which is placed over a damaged or weakened tooth. The primary purpose of a dental crown is to restore the tooth’s size, shape, and strength while also improving its function and aesthetic appearance. Dental crowns in Katy, TX, are recommended by our dental professionals for a variety of reasons including:

  • to replace the external portion of a tooth down to the gum line to preserve the patient’s smile
  • cover a dental implant, protect a tooth weakened by decay from breaking
  • hold a dental bridge in place
  • cover a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • support a tooth with a large filling
  • reinforce a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy

Is Dental Crowns in Katy, TX, the Appropriate Option for Me?

The majority of individuals are suitable candidates for dental crowns. This dental treatment offers the potential to enhance the appearance of a damaged tooth, while simultaneously restoring its natural function. Following the placement of an affordable crowns for teeth, most patients report that they are able to chew without discomfort and display a confident smile.

Dental Crown Procedure at Noble Smile

Consultation and Examination:

During this stage, your dental professional will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and prepare the designated tooth or teeth that will serve as the base for the crown. This includes the removal of any excess material from the base teeth and the outer enamel layer.

Temporary Crown:

After taking impressions of the trimmed tooth or teeth and surrounding teeth, a temporary crown will be placed to protect the prepared teeth. In the case of an emergency crown procedure, this step and waiting period of up to several weeks will be unnecessary.

Shade Matching and Preparation:

The shape and articulation of your cheap dental crowns in Katy, TX, will be planned based on the impressions taken at our dental office. Additionally, shade matching will be carried out to ensure a natural appearance that matches your existing teeth.

Crown Placement:

The final step involves fitting and placing the crown. A dry fit will be carried out to ensure comfortable fit, followed by the use of specialized dental cement to bond the crown to the existing teeth.

Book Your Consultation Today with Noble Smile in Katy

If you are experiencing dental pain or want to regain your confidence with a beautiful smile, dental crowns in Katy, TX may be the solution you are seeking. Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation. Our team is readily available to provide answers to any questions you may have regarding dental crowns or any of our other dental services.

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