Customizing Your Mouth Protection

Apr 11, 2013

The best way to keep playing the sport you love is to protect yourself and avoid injury whenever possible. A part of that is protecting your mouth, so just like you would put on pads before a big game to protect your body; you would put in a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Whereas you used to have to settle for a basic piece of plastic strapped to your helmet, you can now express yourself with a wide variety of mouth guards that meet your specific needs.

Ultra Comfort

One can only imagine how uncomfortable pounds of protective equipment can be. Luckily you no longer have to compromise comfort when it comes to protecting your mouth. Some mouth guards like the Ultra 2 STC are built for comfort. Complete with customized fitting gel, they both protect and soothe your mouth, molding to your mouths unique shape and making for a more comfortable fit.

Smaller and Lighter

Maybe you’re the person on the field who has to lead the pack. If your position requires you to verbally direct your team during the game then a Nano 3D mouth guard is certainly for you. It is the smallest and lightest option, but does not compromise protection. It has high impact shock absorption and the lowest profile “breathe and speak easy” technology, enabling you to stay vocal and protected.

Custom Made

Perhaps you’re the type of player that has a lucky shirt, or believes so strongly in your school spirit that you’re never without your team colors. Well a custom mouth guard is certainly for you. You can hand select custom details like adding your name to the sides, and your choice of colors are nearly limitless. But what truly makes these mouth guards special is that they come with a protective inner layer that locks in your custom fit to keep it fitted to your mouth during play. These custom guards make for a comfortable, flashy and well-protected mouth.

If you have ever had a mouth injury then you know how painful and inconvenient it can be. Here at Noble Smile Dentistry we offer both cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in addition to general dental care. If you’re looking for a Katy area dentist, contact us today!

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