Dental Exams And Cleanings In Katy, TX

Following good oral hygiene practices –like brushing and flossing— helps you prevent several dental issues. However, cleaning your teeth at home is only one part of a good oral hygiene routine. To get a complete picture of your dental condition, you should consider a comprehensive dental exam. Through a dental exam, dentists can look for more significant problems. This includes underlying gum disease, oral cancer, or other issues that only become noticeable when they are in a severe condition. Once we check and clean your teeth via dental exams and cleanings at Katy, Texas’ Noble Smile, we can help prevent oral diseases and treat them at an early stage if we find any.

The same is the case for dental cleanings. By having dental cleanings from Katy’s best dentists and hygienists, you can prevent several dental issues caused by tartar buildup. These tartar or calcium deposits provide a perfect environment for bacteria growth, leading to gum disease and, in some cases, tooth loss. Thus, DR. ALLEN JAHANGIRI and his team of Katy’s expert dental professionals will spot and remove plaque with the help of a dental cleaning procedure.

What Is Included In Noble Smile’s Dental Exams And Cleanings?

Our Katy’s proficient hygienist and the dentist will start your dental check-up with cleaning that includes:
Once we clean your teeth, the next step is to do the following examinations:
  • Quick teeth and gum check-up
  • Examine and check your gums and throat for any irregularities
  • Review X-rays
  • Recommend any additional dental work needed to maintain oral health
  • Discuss your dental goals, health, and habits

At Noble Smile, our dentist will also ask you about your general health-related problems and any medications that you take. Since we care about you and your family’s dental health, we educate our patients about tobacco consumption, their diet, and other lifestyle factors that can likely affect one’s dental health. To achieve the smile you and your family truly deserve, visit Noble Smile for a dental exam and cleaning in Katy, TX. Call us today at (281) 477-7200 and schedule an appointment.

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