Do Toothaches Go Away On Their own?

Jun 15, 2022

Toothaches are an annoying and painful issue. But do they always require a dentist’s attention? Do toothaches eventually go away, or is treatment needed to solve the problem? Of course, it depends on the type of pain. In this article, we’ll teach you how to identify the cause of your toothache- and how can find relief fast.

What Causes Toothaches?

Toothaches can be caused by a variety of different issues. For some patients, it’s something simple, such as irritating the area while flossing or eating something that has scratched your gum. However, toothaches can also be caused by larger dental issues. For instance, generally speaking, cavities do not cause symptoms. However, if a cavity is left untreated, then the tooth pulp inside can become inflamed, causing pain. Gum diseases such as gingivitis can also cause tooth pain.

Do Toothaches Go Away?

So do toothaches go away on their own? If they are just caused by surface irritation, then the pain will usually resolve after the irritant is removed and the area heals. However, pain caused by a dental issue will not go away until the issue is treated. In fact, this pain can get significantly worse over time. This is why it’s so important to see a dentist as soon as you notice any pain.

Understanding Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common issue that many patients mistake for toothaches. Sensitivity is usually caused by weak tooth enamel. It causes tooth pain after eating or drinking an irritating product. Common triggers include the temperature of the food or drink (either too hot or too cold), as well as the acidity and sugary content. If you have tooth sensitivity, your dentist can help you understand your triggers and come up with a plan to stay comfortable.

The Bottom Line

While some toothaches do go away, this is not always the case. Plus, waiting to see if the pain resolves on its own can also lead to further dental issues. Therefore, if you have tooth pain, it’s important to see a dentist. If you have a problem, then they can offer quick treatment so you can feel better fast. Click the link above to schedule a dental appointment today.

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