Does Your Invisalign Hurt? 3 Possible Reasons

Jul 15, 2023

After hearing the horror stories of braces and pain, many people wonder the same about the clear aligners: does Invisalign hurt? The truth is, whether it is braces or Invisalign covering your teeth, you may feel pain while moving your mouth with an orthodontic device attached. However, the pain may not be as bad as you think. Read this blog to learn if Invisalign hurts, when the discomfort stops, and how to deal with the pain.

Is Invisalign Painful?

Yes, Invisalign might hurt, but the pain is less compared to braces. Your teeth might experience tenderness or sensitivity to the touch, even when you bite. Moreover, pressure around teeth also occurs, affecting your diet for a few days. But the feeling goes away in a few days, and it does not interfere with your life other than temporarily altering what you eat.

Why Does Invisalign Hurt?

You may be wondering why Invisalign even hurts in the first place, given that they do not have any metal wires or brackets. Below, you will find a list of possible reasons why your clear aligners are causing pain:

  1. Pressure: The most common reason behind invisalign pain is the pressure they apply on your teeth. Orthodontic appliances exert constant pressure on the teeth to shift them into the right positions, which may be why soreness occurs initially after you get your aligners.
  2. Initial Adjustment: Your mouth is not used to the aligners, so it may take some time for the gums, as well as the inside of your cheeks and lips, to become accustomed to them. You may have to use orthodontic wax for the first two weeks until the mouth develops tougher tissue. Initially, the edges of the aligners may rub a little.
  3. Sharp Edges: Although it is very rare, sometimes Invisalign is rough or sharp around the edges, which causes pain. In that case, you will have to consult your Invisalign provider.

Tips to Get Rid of Invisalign Pain

Here are some ways you can avoid and eliminate Invisalign pain:

  1. Follow Your Orthodontist’s Instructions: Stick to your orthodontist’s instructions on how to use your Invisalign. The first few hours are when your mouth becomes used to the clear aligners, which is when you will feel the most pain and pressure. Wear your aligners a few hours before bed so you may be able to get 8 hours of adjustment overnight.
  2. Don’t Use Hot Water For Cleaning: Using hot water to wash the aligners will warp and damage the aligners, ruining their fit. Instead, use cool water so the Invisalign fits properly and does not hurt.
  3. Steer Clear Of Hard Or Crunchy Foods: Initially, stick to a soft diet if your teeth are sore. Eating hard or crunchy food will cause further discomfort.
  4. Apply Cold Compress: Applying a cold compress might help alleviate the pain caused by the aligners; use it for 20 minutes at a time.
  5. Orthodontic Wax: If your aligners irritate your lips, cheek, or gums, rub orthodontic wax over the region of your aligner that irritates.

Final Takeaway

Your Invisalign may hurt when they’re new since your mouth is becoming accustomed. Moreover, improper fit, pressure, or sharp edges may cause you more pain. You will have to visit an orthodontist to get rid of your discomfort.

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Dr. Allen Jahangiri

Dr. Allen Jahangiri

Dr. Allen Jahangiri, founder of Noble Smile family and cosmetic dentistry in Katy, Texas, and his team offer top-notch dental and aesthetic services to enhance your smile. Trained at the University of Texas, Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Jahangiri learned from leading dentists and oral surgeons. After earning his DDS, he completed a residency to master advanced dental techniques. He provides a comprehensive range of services, including cosmetic, general, implant, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery. Recognizing patient anxiety, he also specializes in sedation dentistry for a more comfortable experience.
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