Pediatric Dentist In Katy, TX

Pediatric Dentistry in Cinco Rancho & Katy Tx
The smile of a child is one of the most innocent things you can see. A single smile of those pearly whites can relieve all your stress. However, dental care and precautions are different for children compared to adults. Children are usually afraid of visiting the dentist. This means a child needs extra care and attention.

A child’s dentistry work is not like the adult’s. Children need to learn that dental care check ups are good for them. Therefore, a separate field of dentistry exists for children, called Pediatric Dentistry. These Dentists train socially to deal with children. Pediatricians know how children work physiologically, and they work to make children trust dentists to take care of their teeth. Under our expert pediatricians, your child is guaranteed to reach adulthood without any dental complications.

Kids-Friendly Dentists At Your Service

Taking a child to a regular dentist is never a good idea. Children are very different from adults mentally, physically, and medically. First, a normal dentist may be unable to calm your kids down for a checkup. Most parents take their children to the same dentist they go to. However, this is not a good idea. If a child’s first dental experience is with a regular dentist, the child is highly likely to develop dental phobia.

For a dentist to work with a child, they need to build a connection. Kids want to have fun with their activities no matter what they are. This is where our expert pediatricians come to help you. We know how to connect with a child and give them the feeling of home or having fun even during a checkup. Our specially built clinic also puts kids at ease when they visit the dentist. We know how to get your children to enjoy their visits and look forward to their next visit.

Children’s Oral Habit Guidance

Every child has the habit of grinding their teeth and sucking on their thumbs. Adults know that these habits can impact their dental growth negatively. However, it is not so easy to teach children about it. Pediatric Dentists have the training to connect with children and make them understand that the habit of grinding teeth and thumb sucking can ruin their teeth alignment. We do it in a way kids understand and even end the habit.

So, if you need special care for your children, visit our pediatric dentist. We are serving in Katy, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Our office address is 6734 Westheimer Lakes North Suite 103, Katy, Tx 77494. You can also contact us at (281) 394-2929

What Do You Call a Dentist Who Specializes in Child Dental care?

Any dentist who specializes in dental care for children is called a pediatrician. Not every dentist is a pediatrician because they need additional certification to treat children. Once the degree in dentistry is complete, the dentist will now do two years of residency training. During this training period, the dentist will only deal with treating children’s teeth and completely restoring them to normal health.

Regular Dentist vs Pediatricians?

A regular dentist usually studies to treat adult teeth, and that is what you call general dentistry. At the same time, a pediatrician is a specialist in child dentistry. Additionally, they are experts in connecting with children and making them feel comfortable during checkups. On the other hand, children are usually afraid of visiting a regular dentist.

What is the Age of Visiting a Pediatrician?

The right age is from infancy to pre-teens. Every child must visit a pediatrician for dental care until they are 14. When a child’s baby teeth start to grow till the adult teeth are fully grown, you should take your child to a pediatrician.
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