Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety in Children at Pediatric Dentist

May 30, 2023

Parents often complain, ‘My child freaks out at the dentist!’ It’s not uncommon for children to experience dental anxiety while visiting the dentist. While some kids show mild anxiety, others have a severe dread of the dental clinic. You should never force an anxious child to do as you wish just because it is good for them. Yes, oral health is extremely important; but rather than forcing the scared child, try employing tips for managing dental anxiety at the pediatric dentist

Promising Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety at the Pediatric Dentist 

There are many helpful tips to make a child’s first dental visit a success. However, many children may experience anxiety prior to every dental visit. The good news is: you can help manage their dental anxiety regarding the pediatric dentist using multiple techniques!

Below, you will find some effective tips to manage dental anxiety in children:

  1. Reading Dental Storybooks: Children love stories! You can use this to your benefit and help them successfully conquer their fear of the dentist. Show them the colorful illustrations and how the book depicts the dental experience as a happy one for the main character.
  2. Starting Dental Visits Young: You can start taking your child to the pediatric dentist before they even turn one. This is not only crucial for their overall oral health, but visiting the dental office early on helps them become familiar with the setting. If the first ever dental visit occurs later, they might be afraid due to the fear of the unknown and more. 
  3. Playing “Dentist” at Home: Children feel most comfortable with their parents. You, as a parent, can help make them feel less scared of the dental visit by demonstrating what it might look like. Playing dentist at home is easy; let your child play the “dentist” and examine your teeth. Similarly, on your turn, allow them to play “patient” and act as a dentist by showing them how to clean their teeth. Moreover, you can include counting teeth as an activity to ease their anxiety. Their stuffed animals can also take turns to be the patients or the dentist to make the role-play a little more fun!
  4. Communicating In a Simple Manner: You should, of course, communicate with your child about the upcoming dental appointment in advance. This way, they have time to prepare for it mentally and get comfortable with the idea. If you inform your child of the visit on an actual day, it might root fear, stress, and anxiety. In addition, if they have any concerns or queries, you can answer them and help them get comfortable with the idea.
  5. Teaching & Showing Them the Importance of Oral Health: Kids observe what others do and incorporate it into their lives. Therefore, teach them how important oral health is and how proper dental hygiene helps with that. Furthermore, follow the proper oral care routine yourself, including regular dental cleanings and examinations, in order to lead by example.

Consult a Pediatric Dentist Now!

Oral health is significant; visiting your dentist regularly is even more important to make sure no dental troubles occur. If your child is anxious about going to the dentist, try effective tips to help manage their dental anxiety.

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