Top 3 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Root Canals

Jan 30, 2023

You may not consider brushing and proper flossing significant to oral health, but it is indeed one of the most vital things. Not maintaining oral hygiene leads to bacterial buildup, which reaches the roots to cause unbearable pain; in that situation, only 2 things work. Let’s see which one to choose, a dental implant vs a root canal.

Dental Implant vs Root Canal

A root canal is the most sought-after option for relief; however, a dental implant is another way to deal with sharp throbbing tooth pain.

Dental implants are your permanent answer to the damaged tooth. They are artificial roots that fuse with the surrounding bone to support a dental crown.

This is feasible when the natural tooth is damaged to the extent that saving it is impossible, and extraction is the only way out.

Why Should You Choose A Dental Implant Over Root Canal?

Although you may feel that this option is much less feasible than a root canal, trust us, a dental implant is better in the long run; here’s why:

A Dental Implant vs a Root canal Has a Higher Success Rate.

Thus far, the success rate of a dental implant is more than 98%, whereas root canals fall below this. There is rarely a chance of failure involved in this treatment.

Root canals are not foolproof; they may fail if the dentist leaves even a shred of infection by accident in the tooth.

This may seem like a remote possibility, but it does happen when the root is extremely narrow or curvy.

Infection Spiral From Improper Root Canals

As mentioned above, even if a minute amount of bacteria is left behind in the tooth, the infection recurs and needs another root canal retreatment.

Your dentist may make you undergo an apicoectomy – a procedure in which an incision is made to the gums for infected tissue removal. Sounds good, right? You get to save your tooth. Unfortunately, it has a 50-90% success rate, a gap too big to ensure success.

Recurrent infections and subsequent root canals make your remaining tooth structure prone to damage and ineffective in supporting a dental crown.

Dental Implants Look and Work 100% Like Natural Teeth.

Nobody wants to let people know about their shortcomings, especially not when they want to make an impression.

So, one of the many advantages of a dental implant vs a root canal is its stealthy look. The structure mimics real teeth, and no one bats an eye!

As a matter of fact, an implant-supported crown functions better than a dental crown itself.

Dental Implants Offer Longevity

Both options, a root canal treatment, and dental implants, are successful and serve a long life because of dental crowns. Root canals (crowns) last easily for 10-15 years, depending on the state of your tooth.

On the flip side, dental implants last for decades and surpass the lifespan of a root canal and its crown.

Final Words

Getting a dental implant seems like a better option when choosing between the two; however, we strongly suggest you consider a professional’s opinion first.

Dr. Allen Jahangiri

Dr. Allen Jahangiri

Dr. Allen Jahangiri, founder of Noble Smile family and cosmetic dentistry in Katy, Texas, and his team offer top-notch dental and aesthetic services to enhance your smile. Trained at the University of Texas, Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Jahangiri learned from leading dentists and oral surgeons. After earning his DDS, he completed a residency to master advanced dental techniques. He provides a comprehensive range of services, including cosmetic, general, implant, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery. Recognizing patient anxiety, he also specializes in sedation dentistry for a more comfortable experience.
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