Why Do I Have Jaw Pain After Filling? What Should I Do?

Jun 30, 2023

Do you have jaw pain after filling?

You would expect all your cavity pain and tooth troubles to diminish once you are done with the treatment, but why are you experiencing pain in the jaw after getting your cavity filled? Yes, you should feel comfort after your tooth has been restored. But, sometimes, discomfort and other complications might take place. Therefore, you should remain aware of what to expect after a tooth filling, as it helps you keep an eye out for your dental troubles.

What Should I Expect After a Cavity Filling?

A dental filling helps restore your tooth, repairing the damage that resulted from cavities. Your problem should go away after the treatment, but it is normal to experience tooth sensitivity after filling. In some instances, people experience inflamed gums around the tooth filling as well. Prolonged tooth pain after filling could be an indicator that the filling is affecting your bite. It can also signify that you had a severe cavity, which requires extensive treatment, such as a root canal.

Causes of Jaw Pain After a Filling

While tooth sensitivity or pain is normal right after the procedure, jaw pain or soreness after filling could be worrisome. It is possible that the pain and stiffness in your jaw are nothing more than the side effect of keeping your mouth open while the dental work is ongoing. This is because keeping your jaw open could cause muscle strain, which causes soreness and stiffness. This is also known as stuck jaw or lockjaw, given that fully opening your mouth could become challenging.

Hence, slight jaw pain or soreness after filling might be normal. Still, you should immediately see your dentist for severe jaw pain after dental work; it might be more serious than you realize.

How to Get Rid of Jaw Pain

Generally, jaw pain after filling resolves on its own. However, you can ensure the pain dissipates soon by following a few tips. These include:

  • Warm Compress: Applying heat to the affected area works wonders! You can press the warm compress against the jaw in regular intervals and feel much better.
  • Gentle Stretching Exercises: You can consult your dentist on gentle stretching exercises that can help improve your condition, reducing jaw pain.
  • OTC Pain Medication: Another fast and effective way to reduce jaw pain after filling is to take over-the-counter OTC pain medications. In case you choose to take OTC medications, consult your dentist before use! Many times, OTC medicines do not work, and the dental specialist might prescribe a muscle relaxant instead.

Should I Go to a Dentist?

Whether you have soreness or pain in the jaw after filling, it should eliminate within two weeks. If it does not, you should visit your dentist right away. In addition, severe jaw pain after dental work requires immediate medical attention as well.

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Dr. Allen Jahangiri

Dr. Allen Jahangiri

Dr. Allen Jahangiri, founder of Noble Smile family and cosmetic dentistry in Katy, Texas, and his team offer top-notch dental and aesthetic services to enhance your smile. Trained at the University of Texas, Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Jahangiri learned from leading dentists and oral surgeons. After earning his DDS, he completed a residency to master advanced dental techniques. He provides a comprehensive range of services, including cosmetic, general, implant, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery. Recognizing patient anxiety, he also specializes in sedation dentistry for a more comfortable experience.
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